The Train Tender

This section of the website is reserved for photographic reference of parts that the Train Tender may supply.  Posted pictures are merely a working collection of reference materials that will expand as time progresses.

To browse our photos:

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  2. When you choose a folder, a list of all photos in that directory will appear.
  3. Select the photo that you are interested in by clicking on the underlined name.
  4. When you want to see a new item, click the back button in your browser to return to the "Root Directory."
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If you wish to have a part or item photographed, let it be known via e-mail correspondence.

If you have any questions about any of the parts that you see here, please e-mail The Train Tender.

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The materials that you see here are under no circumstance to be  reproduced without first attaining the express permission of Jeff Kane, The Train Tender.  All pictures and images are private property and for reference purposes only. 

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